KREOD Pavilion

KREOD Pavilion

Lee 3D was asked to make a model of  the KREOD pavilion for the London Olympics, as built in the summer of 2012. The model was first shown at the launch of the China Design Centre in April/May 2014. The model is printed in white and made to represent the structure as accurately as possible at scale. Each element of the model was optimised to achieve this.

At the same time we made a series of nine 1:500 work in progress massing models leading up to a 1:200 print of KREOD pavilion for Rio 2016. These models were first displayed by KREOD at the SCIN gallery in Clerkenwell, London in April 2014. These models effectively show the power of 3D printing to articulate complex and double curved designs.

  • KREOD_SCIN_3D-Prints-02
  • KREOD_SCIN_3D-Prints-01
  • KREOD_SCIN_3D-Prints-03
  • KREOD_SCIN_3D-Prints
  • KREOD_SCIN_3D-Prints-04
  • KREOD-Exterior-view-3D-Print-02nn
  • KREOD-Exterior-view-3D-Print-03nn
  • KREOD-Exterior-view-3D-Print-01
  • KREOD-Interior-view-3D-Print-01

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