Project – SkySaga

Radiant Worlds – SkySaga

Radiant Worlds in partnership with Smilegate Entertainment announced a new computer game called SkySaga: Infinite Isles in November 2014. SkySaga is an endlessly evolving ‘sandbox’ online world that is as beautiful as it is ground-breaking. Below are some of the models that we made for Radiant Worlds to help launch the game. We think these characters are pretty cool and the game is going to be a big hit. As with all great colour 3D prints, you need to have a great software model to start with and with these guys we could hardly go wrong.

  • SkySaga-colour-3dprinting-01
  • SkySaga-colour-3dprinting-02
  • SkySaga-colour-3dprinting-03
  • SkySaga-colour-3dprinting-04
  • SkySaga-colour-3dprinting-06
  • SkySaga-colour-3dprinting-05
  • SkySaga-colour-3dprinting-08
  • SkySaga-colour-3dprinting-09
  • SkySaga-colour-3dprinting-07

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