Projects – You & Me

You & Me

Designed by Adam Nathaniel Furman, You & Me is a colour 3D printed sculpture. The piece consists of two identical parts presented with one intact and one broken and collected in a glass vessel. The sculpture stands 730mm tall and each piece was made in 4 parts, printed in a ZPrinter 650 at Lee 3D. The piece was made in early 2014 and was exhibited at the Hospital Club in central London.

  • Lee-3D-colour-3D-print-You-and-Me-01
  • Lee-3D-colour-3D-print-You-and-Me-02
  • Lee-3D-colour-3D-print-You-and-Me-06
  • Lee-3D-colour-3D-print-You-and-Me-03
  • Lee-3D-colour-3D-print-You-and-Me-07
  • Lee-3D-colour-3D-print-You-and-Me-08
  • Lee-3D-colour-3D-print-You-and-Me-09
  • Lee-3D-colour-3D-print-You-and-Me-04
  • Lee-3D-colour-3D-print-You-and-Me-10

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