Projects – Yantrament


Yantrament was a series of colourĀ 3D prints that contributed to Adam Nathaniel Furman’s Identity Parade which was exhibited at the Design Museum in 2013/14. Part of the Designer in Residence programme, Adam’s work contained a mixture of 3D prints using various materials and parts derived from 3D printed patterns.

  • Colour-3D-Print-Yantrament-Hornitation
  • Colour-3D-Print-Yantrament-Big-Boss
  • Colour-3D-Print-Yantrament-Popter
  • Colour-3D-Print-Yantrament-Karmameleon
  • Colour-3D-Print-Yantrament-Efflorescent
  • Colour-3D-Print-Yantrament-Yellorescent

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