colour-3D-printing-service3D Printing Service

Based in London, Lee 3D provides a professional colour 3D printing service.  We work for the creative industries with a special focus on Architecture. However we take on a wide variety of projects. With over 12 years experience you can depend on us to deliver.

Experts in Colour 3D Printing

Good 3D printing starts with sound data. At Lee 3D  we spend time analysing your 3D design data. All data is optimised to ensure the printed parts will be good. We also work to ensure parts are cost effective and value for money.

Supporting the Designer Colour 3D Printing Service

Our role is to support designers communicate their designs. With our background in architecture we have a better understanding of our client’s brief. When we are working on clients’ data we are vigilant in preserving the design intent. Communication is key throughout the 3D printing process.

What We Care About

We care about providing the 3D printing service that our customers need. If you must have a model on the table in a meeting at 9AM, then that is the service we focus on. If you need a model in a display case for exhibition then we focus on delivering that. We are here to provide the service that serves our customers needs. Above all we want our work to contribute to our customer’s success.

Colour 3D print facade studiesWho We Work For

We provide 3D printing services for architects, designers, model makers, and artists in London and across the UK. In fact we work with all of the creative industries that need to make 3D printed models in mono or colour. In the past year or so we have worked for a huge variety of clients from scientists to students, to marketing companies, to computer games developers. We have made 3D prints for pattern makers and mould makers and we have had parts exhibited in galleries and museums.